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Soul Motion™ Conscious Dance Practice is an effective and accessible transformative movement program. Designed by Vinn Arjuna Martí, Soul Motion™ opens the mind, relaxes the body and stirs the soul of all who step onto the dance floor.


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Using creative movement inquiries, Soul Motion™ teachers guide dancers to:

  • come into healthy, enlivened contact with their bodies
  • cultivate awareness, presence, and stillness
  • make meaningful contact with themselves and others
  • express themselves spontaneously and authentically
  • move in ways that feel nourishing and supportive

Soul Motion™ Conscious Dance Practice is a movement program open to everyone, regardless of physical ability, fitness or prior dance experience. If you’re seeking a mindfulness practice through the exploration of movement you are invited to join a Soul Motion™ class or workshop and delve into the richness of this experience.

For more information on where to find a Soul Motion™ class, go here or visit our certified teacher pages to find a teacher and class near you.

What can I expect my first time in a class?

Soul Motion™ classes are 60-120 minutes in length, held in a variety of dance spaces and can range in size between 10 to 80 dancers depending on the class location. You will be asked to dance barefoot and to wear comfortable clothing you can freely move and exercise in. Please be mindful of wearing scents and jewelry in the dance space.

Do I have to be a dancer or to be fit to join a Soul Motion™ class?

Not at all! Whether you are dancer or not, an avid athlete, or only just beginning to move your body, Soul Motion™ is for you. Everyone, regardless of experience or ability, is welcomed in a Soul Motion™ class. All you have to do is show up with a willingness to learn and to participate. (note: please do let your teacher know at the start of the class if you have physical concerns or needs so that they can best support you.) Get the answers to more Frequently asked questions here